Executive Communications

Below you will find details of our Communication services. You may download a copy of this file here

Item No. Service Description
1 Telephone Answering Service We will install a Telephone Line and Number, pay the Quarterly Rental and answer any incoming telephone calls in your Company's Name.
2 Mailbox This provides your Company with a PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL mail handling service. Allowing your Company to use this prestigious address on Stationary and/or for advertising.
3 Fax and Telex This enables you to provide further assistance for communication. All incoming Facsimile and/or Telex are handled privately and confidentially.
4 Communications Point All of the above services are available separately or as a complete 'Communications Point'.
5 Work base This service as point 4, but with the use of an office for half a day per week.
6 Vacating Service Once you no longer require the 'Pembroke House' Executive Communications Services, we can provide a Vacating Service, this enables you to relocate knowing that all your Mail, Facsimile, Telex and Telephone messages will be forwarded. We can also provide a BT Interception Message notifying all callers of a new telephone number.

Prices available upon request